A Tumultous Year. And We Made It.

We've had a year full of all kinds of the unimaginable things that humanness always affords.

This year Lynn continued her work at the district level in one of the school districts in the Canton area (Canton South, for you local friends).  Andrew continues to work at Malone University teaching film, media and persuasion;  he made some films this year.  Addison moved to Central Catholic School and continued his pursuit of computer programming (along with many other interests).  Jaelyn joined her first year in the Commercial Photography program and advanced to the first chair Cello in her strings group.

The kids (and us) got the chance to meet their birth mom, Tanya, first online and then face to face for the first time in the memories.  And life stayed full of stories, surprises, success and survival (barely).

If you'd like to see the longer version of our year, watch the video below. It's eight minutes of only the MOST essential moments. Every photograph has a LONG story behind it. (And as you know -- all the really best stories have "no photos available")


If you've read this far, it's likely that we miss you and that we wish we could see you more.  Hope 2017 brings us together again.


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