Thanksgiving Memories

Pictures are so bright and believable, that sometimes, I think they steal our memories from us...

So I'll try to weave some of my own memories with the pictures of the weekend.

We drove North through a gentle blizzard. Only one long traffic jam just an hour from home. The whole trip was 9 hours.

We played endless rounds of Take Two -- the scrabble-on-steroids game that I learned in Australia. I, the former champion, came in deadlast. I'm not sure what that's indicative of.

We played two hours of MAFIA -- the older cousins played with wilder and wilder abandon in the adjoining living room -- fully aware that the adults had somehow lost track of them and their bedtimes.

We told ghost stories and took Myers Briggs Tempermant Analysis tests on Friday night.

We went to see _Pride & Prejudice_ on Saturday afternoon. Everyone liked it to varying degrees. Ryan was the firm dissenter -- with a somewhat valid analysis that fully half of the movie had been shots of Mirrors and Long-Shots-of-Walking-Through-Fields. It was cinematic! I argued. Watch this! he countered, and slowly pretended to walk through a pretend field. Look at me! I'm cinematic! I'm artsy! I'm full of longing and despair and breadth of spirit!

Okay, perhaps I embellished Ryan's protests a little bit there.

Will and Isaac were talking and bouncing and increasingly disinterested in their bottles. Grabbing and shoving anything into the mouth that could construed to be solid food.

We listened to some Blues Music and checked out gingerbread houses with the Livermores at the Festival of Trees.

People laughed. People cried. People argued. People agreed. People told stories. People made plans.

It was a good weekend.

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